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Water research company business scope:

Mold water cleaning machine

Water research mold waterway cleaning machine patented technology:

      The air pressure pulse controller is used to make the compressed air act on the water flow in the form of pulses. A spiral tangential force is generated along the inner wall of the pipeline. The pulse instantaneously releases high frequency and high energy in the form of pulse waves. Momentum is rapidly converted into impulse and acts as shear force. On the growth ring of the inner wall of the pipe. Because the flushing is dynamic, the pulse can generate alternating pressure difference between them. This pressure difference is connected with the external atmospheric pressure, so if it is lower than the saturation pressure of water, it will generate frequent 'cavitation' phenomenon, and the water is in the alternating pressure effect. Next, the bubbles in the bubbles burst, resulting in micro-jet impacts and shock shocks. High-pressure areas are formed on the inner wall of the pipeline or in the vicinity thereof. The large energy generated when the cavitation bubbles break down is concentrated in many very small areas. In many localized areas, extremely high stress concentration occurs. This jet can exert a huge impact on the solid surface and can generate local surface damage. The jet and bubble generated by the bubble burst together act on the solid surface at high speed and pressure. It is eroded to remove scale and brittle debris so that the inner wall of the pipeline can be thoroughly cleaned.


2. Mold oil cleaning machine

Mold oil cleaning machine working principle:

        The working principle of the cleaning part is the same as that of the water circuit cleaning machine, except that the cleaning medium is not water, and it is a special solvent, PH=7, colorless, odorless, non-corrosive, and can be reused。

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