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Mold Water Cleaning Machine - Your Best Choice

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Mold Water Cleaning Machine - Your Best Choice

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1, electrolytic cleaning system is to emit gas to the metal surface, with the effect of ** to remove dirt on the metal surface, impurities, but also completely remove the resin components, moisture; vibration by ultrasonic vibration peeling float, metal attached At the cathode, even dirt in a fairly small corner can be completely removed.

2. Restore the metal to the original copper green, restore the original beautiful metal.

       3, even complex shapes can remove dirt.

4, can completely clean decontamination.

5, there is a good rust rust effect.

6, to save an hour than manual cleaning

7, more environmentally friendly and safer than the use of organic solvents, greatly reducing the post-cleaning defect rate。

General scope: gold, metal products, optics, machinery, locomotives, semiconductors, medical, communications, and other industries

       Cleaning principle:

       By electrolysis, the object generates positive and negative molecules due to the action of the current。 Under the catalytic action of oxygen and hydrogen generated on the metal surface, the dirty part is rapidly decomposed, peeled off, and floated out。

With the cavitation effect of ultrasonic waves, numerous small bubbles are generated and the objects collide with each other. Impact blasting of the dirt on the workpiece will cause the dirt to peel off automatically.

The use of a special solution causes the rapid decomposition of the soil by the full chemical effect.

   Effectively remove oil, rust, sulfides, gas, plastic deposits and other dirt on the mold

The mold water cleaning machine can play a very good cleaning effect against mold fouling, and it does not damage the mold itself。

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