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Mold water cleaning function and features

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Mold water cleaning function and features

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Mold water washing machine function:

Benefits of Cooling Pipe Cleaning The cooling efficiency is improved, the molding cycle is shortened, the production efficiency is improved, the overall temperature of the cavity is uniform, the product yield is significantly increased, the cooling flow rate is increased, and the molding defect is decreased。 The working principle of the cleaning: High-flow cleaning fluid is added with high compression In the air, the phenomenon of “cavitation” in pipelines occurs, and the high-speed flow of attachments and erosive materials on the wall of the blasting blast removes the dirt from the pipeline。

Mold water cleaning machine features:

Mold water cleaning machine is easy to use and can be moved. Can be online and change mold cleaning, convenient mold maintenance.

Mold water cleaning machine alarm protection to protect the stable operation of the machine。

Mold water cleaning machine automatic mold cleaning function ensures mold water does not contain water.

The fixing effect of the inner wall of the water channel of the mould water channel cleaning machine prevents corrosion and extends the service life of the die.

After the cleaning of the mold water passage cleaning machine, the thermal conductivity of the mold is stable, and the mold temperature management is easy.

Mold water cleaning machine is suitable for cleaning die casting, injection molding and other mold water channels。

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