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Cleaning machine schematic

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Cleaning machine schematic

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The working principle of the mold cleaning machine is electrolysis. The object generates positive and negative molecules due to the current. Under the catalysis of oxygen and hydrogen generated on the metal surface, the dirty part is quickly decomposed, peeled off and floated out.

With the cavitation effect of ultrasonic waves, numerous small bubbles are generated and the objects collide with each other。 Impact blasting of the dirt on the workpiece will cause the dirt to peel off automatically。

The use of a special solution causes the rapid decomposition of the soil by the full chemical effect。

Effectively remove oil, rust, sulfides, gas, plastic deposits and other dirt on the mold

The mold cleaning machine can play a very good cleaning effect against mold fouling, and has zero damage to the mold itself。


washing machine

(1) (2) (3) (4)

(1) The high-impact water-air mixed fluid will be intermittently transported into the pipe, and the collision with the scale layer will cause the water to rush between the scale layer and the gap between the pipe wall.

(2) When water flows from a low pressure point to a high pressure point, the air in the water will swell and become water vapor, which will generate bubbles。

(3) Bubbles generated in the foregoing, expansive explosion under pressure, and the removal of the scale layer under the action of the impact force

(4) The shock wave is generated radially. This kind of impact force can peel off the scale layer. At the same time, in order to avoid damage to the object to be cleaned, this product controls the water pressure and air pressure.




washing machine washing machine

(5) (6) (7) (8)

(5) When the forward flow of water does not clear away from the scale, in the reverse direction, the same impact of the flow of water will enter the gap between the scale and the wall of the pipe.

(6) The scale layer that is not completely peeled in the forward flow will also produce air bubbles on the same principle in the reverse direction.

(7) The reverse cleaning layer is the same as the forward direction, and it is peeled off by repeated positive and negative switching.

(8) When the direction of water flow changes, turbulence will occur. When this happens, the peeled off scales will float up and be washed away.

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