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What are the potential customer characteristics of the mold water washing machine?

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What are the potential customer characteristics of the mold water washing machine?

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     1. Large and medium-sized injection molding machine customers, such as production bumpers, dashboards, pallets, etc.

     2。 High-gloss mold (ie cold and hot), including high-temperature mold temperature machine, such as TV frame, two-color molding, etc。

     3. High-precision products such as optical lenses, light guide plates, car lights, etc.

     4。 Large volume of product, multiple holes in one mold, fast cycle, such as preform mold, hanger mold, etc。

     5. Medium and large die-casting plants, aluminum alloy die casting, magnesium alloy die casting, etc., especially point cold die.

     6。 The mould waterway is complicated and the mould cost is high, such as 3D printing cooling waterway。

     7. There are many production equipments and a large number of moulds, such as mobile phones, printers and computer plastic parts.

     8. Foreign customers Foreign customers are willing to continuously improve their production processes and continue to increase their                 profits.

     9。 Other customers who pay special attention to the cooling water unit。 Such as extruders, rollers, printing presses, etc。


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