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Analysis of 7 Features of Die Water Cleaning Machine

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Analysis of 7 Features of Die Water Cleaning Machine

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Speaking of the mold water circuit cleaning machine, it consists of five parts: a circulation system, a high pressure system, a circuit system, a flow monitoring system, and a dedicated cleaning solution. It is used for the cleaning of plastic gold mould waterways, using high-pressure water, compressed air, generating jets, and flushing mould waterways. Can effectively remove the scale, rust, and residue in the tube; to improve the cooling effect of the mold, improve the use of the mold, increase production, reduce product defect rate. After a long period of frequent changes in hot and cold water, the mold water path cleaning machine will cause a large amount of rust, scale, etc. inside the mold waterway to adhere to the inner wall of the pipe, resulting in thinning of the pipe and poor thermal conductivity. In severe cases, the pipe is clogged. road. Seriously affect the use of mold effects and service life, so that the product forming quality is unstable, more defective products, resulting in reduced production efficiency. Therefore, we must properly protect the mechanical life.


The mold waterway cleaning machine can directly clean the mold without disassembling the mold, which is convenient and quick, saves time and labor, and avoids many troubles caused by manual cleaning. By cleaning the inside of the mold pipe, the internal structure of the mold is strongly cleaned with drugs, so that the internal pipe can be opened. The molds are regularly cleaned and cleaned to ensure stable molding quality, increase production efficiency, shorten molding cycle, and save energy.

Die water cleaning machine features:

1.Using pulsed blasting physical method and positive and negative two-way reciprocating flushing mould waterway to achieve descaling and rust removing effect.

2. Start up with a single button, no specific personnel are required to monitor the scene.

3. Automatically switch the direction of peeling and washing to accelerate the cleaning speed and automatically record the flow rate before and after cleaning and complete the water drainage work.

4. It is not necessary to disassemble the mold and directly connect the mold piping. The mold can also be cleaned and maintained on the injection molding machine.

5. Increased cooling flow, stable heat exchange efficiency, and effective cooling efficiency.

6. Short mold cleaning time, reduced mold maintenance time, indirectly improve production efficiency. Shortening the molding cycle, improving the product yield and production efficiency.

7. It can be cleaned online without removing the mold.

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