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Factors that cause fouling

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Factors that cause fouling

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So far, the industry has reported that many factors can lead to scaling. It is precisely because of its complexity that it is a very tedious task to explore its influencing factors. Based on research at the application level, only the key influencing factors can be found. On this basis, the main aspects of contradictions can be grasped by high-level housing construction to fully solve this technical problem. In general, there are basically the following points for those specific fluids. Next, the author will analyze:

Mold pipe cleaning machine

(1) Flow velocity of fluid: Here, it is very obvious that there are certain differences in the formation of various scales in the flow rate. Inside the heat exchanger, the effect of this aspect on the dirt needs to take into account its effect on dirt erosion and deposition. For all fouling, the change in erosion rate due to the increase in flow rate is very significant with respect to the deposition rate, so there is a certain negative correlation between the growth rate and the flow rate. However, in the specific working process of the heat exchanger, the increase of the flow rate will definitely increase the energy consumption. In view of this reason, not the larger the flow rate, the more ideal it is, and it is necessary to take both of them into consideration.

(2) Temperature of heat transfer wall surface: As we have already stated above, temperature has a very critical influence on the crystallization of salts and chemical fouling。 Under normal circumstances, the increase in fluid temperature will increase the rate of crystallization and reaction to a certain extent。 Eventually it will affect its sedimentation and increase its growth rate。

(3) Heat exchanging surface material and surface quality: Experts and scholars have pointed out that copper alloy can inhibit biofouling to a certain extent. On the other hand, for other stainless steels and carbon steels, the use of only the deposition of corrosion products has a certain effect on scaling; if corrosion resistant non-metallic preparation equipment is used, fouling is very difficult to occur. In addition, surface quality can play a role in this process, the more rough, then the more conducive to the generation of dirt.

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