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Application scope of mold water cleaning machine

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Application scope of mold water cleaning machine

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Application scope of mold water cleaning machineMold water cleaning machine

1, aerospace, aviation - cleaning precision components。 Electronic circuit boards, aircraft hubs, brake systems, air conditioning heat exchangers, bearings, various metal parts。

2. Railways - various gate valves, brake valves, shock absorbers, bearing sets, passenger cars, refrigerators, refrigeration systems, condensers, radiators, locomotive internal combustion engine parts, electrical parts, and components.

3, automobile, motorcycle manufacturing - cylinder, cover, steering mechanism, shock absorbers and various machining parts, chassis, wheel hub before the degreasing, rust removal, in addition to oxide skin。

4, optical devices - camera lenses, microscopes, telescopes, glasses, watch glass, optical lens grinding, pre-plating cleaning。

5. Liquid Crystal (LCD) Fabrication—The ITO film is cleaned before the LCD substrate is etched, the LCD substrate is etched, the front channel of the liquid crystal is filled, and the subsequent processes are cleaned.

6, electronic manufacturing, communications, computer - SMT patch, PCB solder flux after welding, impurity cleaning.

7, microelectronics - single crystal silicon, integrated circuit manufacturing process cleaning process。

8, electrical and electronic components - a variety of resistors, capacitors, electronic devices, magnetic devices, low-voltage electrical products cleaning。

9, metal stamping parts - all kinds of hardware products after the stamping oil, rust, in addition to oxides, decontamination and other clean.

10, mechanical parts - a variety of precision machining of metal parts of the degreasing, chip removal, rust, oxide removal, decontamination and other clean.

11, home appliances - a variety of home appliances such as color tubes, air conditioners, refrigerator parts, water heaters, stoves, rice cookers, cookers, electric fans, juicers, electric irons and other metal parts cleaning.

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