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What should be taken care of when using the mold water washing machine

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What should be taken care of when using the mold water washing machine

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The mold water washing machine has become the main cleaning stuff in all walks of life. It has promoted a serious change in the entire cleaning profession, completed the cleaning mechanization, greatly increased the cleaning power, and reduced the labor cost, and thus was deeply loved by everyone. When the sweeper is in use, it is also necessary to pay attention to some problems in order to further ensure the cleaning power and service life of the machine.

First of all, the mold water cleaning machine must read the operating instructions and notes carefully before use. Operators must also undergo system training before they can operate the machine.

During the operation of the machine, it is necessary to prevent strong bumps or contact with sharp objects to damage the fuselage. When using, itMold water cleaning machine must also ensure that the battery type has electricity, do not let the machine run in the case of loss of electricity, otherwise it will affect the battery life and cleaning power.

After the machine is used, it is necessary to arrange the main brush and the side brush in time to ensure that there are no foreign objects such as hair, thin lines, plastic ropes, etc。, but also to regularly check the wear degree of both, and must be regularly replaced, otherwise it will affect the power。 The airframe must also be cleaned frequently, otherwise long-term foreign objects such as dust will corrode the fuselage, and then affect the life of the machine。 Also remember to charge in time。

When the machine is not needed, do not park the machine in the sun or expose it to a place that is too wet。 The best place to park is in a dry and ventilated area。 Pay attention not to let the flying staff play the machine。

Even if the machine does not have to be long-term, it is also necessary to remember the timing of charging, do not let the machine is in a state of loss for a long time, otherwise it will affect the normal use of the battery。

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