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Mold oil cleaning machine has any operating skills

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Mold oil cleaning machine has any operating skills

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With the continuous improvement of society and people's living standards, sand discovery has become one of the furniture that every household needs, but it is a major feature of sofas that it is easy to dirty and difficult to clean. Therefore, the increasing number of sofa washing machines has now entered the sofa cleaning profession, especially in some hotels, shopping malls and office buildings. The mold circuit cleaning Mold oil cleaning machinemachine is a comparative popular product among them, so let's share what it has cleaning machine together!

1, the choice of carpet water

Choose cleaning agents with good foaming and cleaning power (such as SC Johnson, 3M, etc., brand dry carpet water, and add a little carpet stain remover); and increase the concentration of cleaning agent.

2, using warm water

Use warm water at a temperature of 40°C-50°C to enhance the speed and dissolution of the cleaning agent on the grime.

3, foam moisture content conditioning

With respect to the dirty surface, the moisture content adjustment knob of the sofa machine can be adjusted to increase the moisture content。 The fiber expands due to the absorption of water。 The dust attached to the outer surface of the fiber and the dirt in the deeper fibrous tissue can easily fall。 And scattered。

4, enhance mechanical friction.

Apply white nylon hard brush。

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