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How to deal with the problem of mold water cleaning machine

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How to deal with the problem of mold water cleaning machine

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      Today, the mold water washing machine has become one of the main cleaning equipments, especially the driving sweeping machine. Compared with the hand-push sweeping machine, it has a very good function and a wider scope of application. Now it has been widely used in municipal sanitation, residential areas, Factory and other occasions. It is our common recognition for its high cleaning power and high cleaning performance. However, in the long-term use, there will be certain problems, and the steering system problems are one of them. What should we do if the steering system is flawed?

Mold water cleaning machine


The common problems with sweeping machines are: heavy steering, inconsistent scrolling of the steering wheel and rolling of the machine, failure of the steering system, etc. Facing these problems, it must be dealt with in time, otherwise it may cause the cleaning effect and cleaning power of the machine to decrease.

In general, the factors that cause the machine to turn heavy are:

1。 Some parts of the steering system are aging or damaged。

2, the tire pressure is insufficient.

3。 The steering shaft lacks lubricating oil。

4。 The angle between the forward direction of the vehicle body and the front wheel plane is too large or too small。

5. The front axle or frame is deformed.

6. The bearing preload is not suitable.

Knowing these factors, it is easy to deal with this question。

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