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How to maintain the mold circuit cleaning machine in daily life

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How to maintain the mold circuit cleaning machine in daily life

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Now, the mold oil circuit cleaning machine has been widely applied to all walks of life, such as factories, supermarkets, station airports, hospitals, shopping malls, etc., especially driving scrubbers. Hand-push type scrubbers are generally used in more narrow and crowded areas. Their use not only saves a large amount of human resources, but also improves the cleaning effect of the whole, and has been widely recognized by the operators. In order to ensure the cleaning function and the service life of the machine, which is essential for peace-keeping operations, what should we do?

Mold oil cleaning machine


First, the scrubbing machine is still doing maintenance, whether it is doing cleaning, before this must first turn off the power to prevent the presentation of electric shock or damage to parts in this process.

Second, the machine will draw a lot of dirty water and sludge in the process of using, so the use of the future must be promptly collate the recovery tank to prevent foul odor in the recovery tank or corrode the recovery tank. A clean water tank should also be cleaned regularly.

Third, it is necessary to frequently clean the water scraper and brush plate, so that the loss can be reduced, and they can also extend their service life together to ensure the cleaning effect.

Fourth, to clean the water filter, if you do not wash the filter for a long time may be blocked, thus affecting the cleaning and absorption effect.

Fifth, to ensure the battery cleaning, regular wipe with a dry towel to prevent dust, particles into the battery, blocking the exhaust hole, not only affect the normal use, but also affect the battery life.

6。 Regularly wipe the body of the washing machine to ensure the cleaning of the machine。 Do not use it together without exposure to the sun or exposure to a humid environment。 The most important thing is to put it in a dry, ventilated area and prevent it from affecting the operational life of the machine。

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