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Mold water cleaning machine safety operating procedures

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Mold water cleaning machine safety operating procedures

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Mold water cleaning machine safety operating procedures

First, the safe operation of the premise

1.1 It is necessary to wear labor protection items as required before operating the equipment;

1。2。 It is necessary for the operator to be trained before taking up the job。 Only after the inspection has passed the inspection can he be employed。

Second, the device before the operation

2.1. Inspect equipment according to the inspection table to understand the condition of the equipment and make corresponding records;

2.2. Before the system is launched, check the condition of the waterway and gas path. The pressure is not normal. The valves are in the correct position and there is no leakage of water.

2.3. Is it appropriate to check the concentration and formula share of the cleaning solution according to the cleaning technology before the operation, and the level of the liquid in the tank is not satisfied;

2。4。 Check the oil level of the high-pressure cleaner motor oil and stop the high-pressure cleaner from being started when the tank is empty。

Mold water cleaning machine

Third, equipment operation precautions

4.1. Detergents and water softeners are chemicals. Do not touch other dangerous sources, such as splashing into eyes or other body parts, agile water wash, and go to the hospital for treatment;

4.2, to stop any part of the body into the movable parts area, such as: the activity room ceiling, etc. If the pump is open, the device housing can not be placed on the water cup, beverage bottles and other items;

4.3. When lifting the mold from the outside to the cleaning channel, it is necessary to ensure that the movable roof is in a completely open position. When the mold enters the clean room, it should be carefully observed to prevent damage to the mold or clean the house;

4.4, according to the amount of cleaning time to clear the oil in the floating tank;

4.5. Under active operating conditions, if the water tank and the cesspool show a low water level, the valve connected to the tap water network should be opened at the moment to provide water for the entire system.

Fourth, the operating procedures

5.1. Push the main power switch (on the left door of the control cabinet), turn it to the "ON" position, and the power indicator light is on. The status indicators are normal.

5。2, power in the future, in the absence of alarm, press the active operation button, the green light on the control cabinet, the operator only need to operate the cleaning machine, do not have to carry out other operations, all clean room system to take the initiative to run;

5.3. Open the ceiling of clean room activities and lift the mold. When the roof opens, the red light is shining, and the buzzer sounds are announced together. The red light is always on after the roof is completely opened, and the warning light is steady green when the roof is closed.

5.4, open the clean room fan, lighting, according to clean technology to the cleaning machine to participate in cleaning fluid, soft water agent, set the flush temperature, pressure. Press the cleaning machine handle flush button to carry out mold flushing;

5.5. Drying and spray anti-rust oil etc. according to clean technology;

After the completion of the operation on the day, close the ceiling of the clean house, press the active stop button, and disconnect the electricity, gas, and water from the equipment.

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