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How to use the mold water cleaning machine

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How to use the mold water cleaning machine

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The mold water path cleaning machine is a machine that makes the high pressure water of the high pressure plunger pump to flush the surface of the object through the power device。 It can peel off dirt, wash away, and reach the intention of cleaning the appearance of objects。 Due to the use of high-pressure water column to clean the dust, high-pressure cleaning is also one of the cleanest methods recognized by the world as the most scientific, economic, and environmentally friendly。 In the course of application, we must also pay attention to all aspects of doubt。 Then, how should we use the mold water washing machine?

1, do not need to add drugs

2. The amount of flushing water should be sufficient, and the time for flushing should be longer, so as to have outstanding cleaning effect.

3, when the object to be cleaned is very dirty, choose the appropriate cleaning agent according to the pollution situation. When using, first use pure water to reduce the surface temperature of the object to be cleaned, then use the corresponding cleaning agent, and wash it with pure water as soon as possible.

4, as far as possible not to clean the work under exceptionally wet climate conditions。

5。 Wear safety glasses when working with the equipment to avoid unnecessary damage to the operator。

6. When working, pay attention to drain waste water to a special drainage ditch to avoid the formation of environmental pollution.

Mold water cleaning machine

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