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How to accurately use the mold water washing machine

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How to accurately use the mold water washing machine

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Vacuuming: Before cleaning, the carpet should be completely cleaned and cleaned for future operations。

Cleaning: Use a floor scrubber to perform an accurate wipe and participate in a proper cleaning agent when scrubbing。

Water Absorption: Use a professional suction and suction machine to perform the water absorption operation, and reduce the amount of cleaning agent contained in the carpet when the carpet is rubbed with a floor scrubber.

Wipe: Wipe with clean water and take a deodorant together in the water to remove the odor from the carpet。

Water Absorption: Continue with the above-mentioned suction operation。 After the carpet is cleaned with clean water, use a clean towel to dry the water and try to dry the carpet as soon as possible, but avoid sun exposure and avoid fading。

Yan Shun: Use a hammer to straighten and unwind the carpet hair from the remaining hair on the carpet.

Hair Drying: In order to make the carpets agile and dry, it is necessary to perform drying operations and dry the carpets with a professional blow dryer to ensure that the carpets are blown dry quickly.

The extensive use of the mold water path washing machine improves the cleaning power, and also saves labor costs and time costs, so it is highly anticipated by everyone.

Mold water cleaning machine

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