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Mold oil cleaning machine should be how to maintain

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Mold oil cleaning machine should be how to maintain

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In modern life, the mold oil circuit cleaning machine has become an important tool for emancipating the labor force and improving work efficiency. Especially in large-scale shopping malls, factories, or large-scale plazas, they have frequently appeared. Faced with a large area of clean area, traditional manual cleaning has not been able to meet people's needs, and only the mold circuit cleaning machine can quickly complete the task.

At the same time, whether it is in the cleaning efficiency or the cleaning effect, the washing machine is far more than artificial, especially the driving type washing machine, but in the face of writing a small area, choose to use a hand-pushing washing machine obviously More practical. Therefore, in a comprehensive comparison of all aspects, choosing a cleaning machine is a saving and labor-saving choice. Especially for some large-scale industrial and commercial plants, the washing machine has become a must-have equipment to enhance their image and grade.

In the process of using the machine, how to maintain the cleaning machine has become an important issue that users pay attention to, but they do not know what to pay attention to。

First, after use, many people will put the machine aside, but such an approach is obviously not desirable. Because after use, there will be some residual impurities in the recovery tank, to a certain extent will cause corrosion of the box, seriously affecting the use of the machine length. Therefore, after the machine is used, it must be poured out of the sewage, but also rinse with clean water.

Second, many people will think that there is no need for processing inside the solution tank. This is also undesirable because the clean water is also contaminated with impurities. If it is used for a long time, it will certainly cause certain corrosion of the tank and the water in the tank. A long backlog may lead to water leaks, burn out the motor, and cause unnecessary losses. Therefore, after each use, it must be treated, drain the remaining water and clean it.

Third, also check the machine's squeegee and filter is clean。 Many people do not pay attention to this issue, and the late-stage cleaning effect is getting worse and worse, probably because one or both are blocked。 So make sure both are clean and avoid unnecessary trouble。

Regularly inspect the scrubber's brush and suction cups for wear, if worn

First, if the degree is serious, it will have an impact on the cleaning effect, so it should be replaced on a regular basis.

In addition, if there is a problem with the cleaning machine during maintenance of the cleaning machine, try not to disassemble it yourself. Try to ask a professional to solve your problem.

Mold oil cleaning machine

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