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What are the performance advantages of mold pipe cleaning machine?

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What are the performance advantages of mold pipe cleaning machine?

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The mold pipe cleaning machine has a compact design, a roll-molded metal structure, and a high-strength engineering plastic for the dust box. It is a professional cleaning machine for industrial and mining companies. The mold pipe cleaning machine is particularly suitable for outdoor use; with a highly adjustable main brush; floating side brush; mobile dust box; Dust removal system.

The mold pipe cleaning machine can also be installed with a ceiling, and equipped with turn lights, headlights, taillights and other lamps, not only beautiful, comfortable, but also allows you to work normally and safely at night. The mold pipe cleaning machine has a very low failure rate and is extremely well-treated for hard ground dust-like wastes. It is widely used in ceramic sanitary ware manufacturing companies, wood processing companies, printing companies, metal cutting and processing companies, construction sites, campuses, and residential communities. Mold pipe cleaning machineSmall and medium-sized logistics warehouses, small and medium-sized garages, factory mining areas and other occasions.

Mold pipe cleaning machine features:

1. The mold pipe cleaning machine is an active cleaning machine that combines vacuum cleaning, sweeping, and water spraying. It is used in the field environment.

2, mold pipe cleaning machine is mainly applied to parks, sanitation, cleaning companies, property management, large factories, colleges and universities outdoor cleaning。

3, mold pipe cleaning machine use leading high-performance maintenance-free batteries, no leakage, no harmful gases.

4, mold pipe cleaning machine has the world's leading sweeping throw rejection skills, dust box utilization rate of up to 100%.

5, solid high-quality parts, useful drop mold washing machine maintenance and repair costs.

6, solid tires, airport dedicated, durable and ensure the safe progress of the mold pipe cleaning machine。

7.Excellent electronic control system, over-current, under-voltage maintenance, full-mold pipe cleaner operation is more safe.

The mold pipe cleaning machine uses a 350-diameter main brush, four front and rear brushes, an optional 165-liter extra-volume waste container, a high-pressure aluminum-alloy impeller blower, and an extended length, laminated membrane filter with an area of 8。5 square meters。 Mold pipe cleaning machine is a special electric sweeper for the municipal property。 It has a large slope, a high speed bump, and a relatively high waste environment。 Widely used in municipal roads, residential areas, large factories, scenic spots, airport terminals, environmental operations。

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