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Mold water cleaning machine how to maintain

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Mold water cleaning machine how to maintain

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The mold water cleaning machine is a new type of cleaning equipment. The operator must not only learn to use the sweeper properly, but also can maintain the machine. Only in this way can the cleaning effect and cleaning efficiency of the machine be guaranteed and the service life of the machine can be extended.

General machinery will have many accessories, and each part is a machine more than necessary, and that piece will have an impact. Let's learn together now!

Main brush motor maintenance:

1. Check for abnormal noise or excessive temperature every day.Mold water cleaning machine

2. Check if the belt is too loose every week.

3。 Check if the carbon brush wears every month (not less than 5mm)。

Battery maintenance:

1。 Check whether the battery is inflated daily。

2. Clean the battery dust every week.

3. Check if the battery connector is loose every week to avoid spontaneous combustion.

Drive axle maintenance:

1. Check daily for abnormal noise, oil leakage, and loose screws.

2. Check if the power cord is loose every week.

3. Add oil to the walking chain every month.

Push rod motor maintenance:

1。 Check whether the lift is normal every day。

2. Add oil to the pusher chain every month.

Fan motor maintenance:

1。 Check the motor daily for abnormal noise。

2。 Check whether the blades and screws are loose every day。

3. Check whether the carbon brushes wear (not less than 5mm) every day.

Filter maintenance:

1. Dust is shaken once every 30 minutes, and the time for dust is 10-15 seconds.

2。 Take out the filter core every week to clean up the jammed dust。

3. Check the sealant strips every week, and if there is any falling off of the dusting brush.

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