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Mold pipe cleaning machine common problems and solutions

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Mold pipe cleaning machine common problems and solutions

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There are doubts and solutions you may encounter when mold pipe cleaners are often used inaccurately to clean missions that go beyond the very large ground of the machine's own skills, or perhaps the equipment's base is not suitable for the type of finish.

Squeegee does not absorb water well

1. See if the squeegee blade is clean. Is there a solid residue left inside?

2. Replace damaged tape. Adjust the squeegee angle. For accurate application, the squeegee should be conditioned according to the wear condition of the strip; in the cleaning process, the rear strip should be bent 5mm backward in its length direction.

3. Check if the suction hose has accurately pierced into the inlet of the recovery tank.Mold pipe cleaning machine

4. Remove the suction units and wash them.

5. Check if the suction motor switch is turned on.

6. Check the adjustment of the water wheel.

Lack of water on the brush plate

1。 Check the water valve has opened

2。 Check the amount of water in the clean water tank

3. Check if the water filter is clean (if any)

4。 Check if the tube carrying the water to the brush plate is blocked。

Too much foam

Check to see if it is a bubble cleaner. If necessary, participate in some low foaming agents in the recovery tank. Remember: If there is a lot of dirt on the ground, many foams will occur, and the cleaning solution should be diluted.

Incomplete machine cleaning

Check the condition of the brush plate for wear and replace them when needed (when the length of the bristles is less than 15 mm, the brush plate should be replaced). Replace it with another brush of the same standard. When carrying out the cleaning mission on the real dirty ground, a special brush plate should be used. The brush plate is supplied as necessary.

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