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How to deal with abnormal operation of the mold oil circuit cleaning machine

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How to deal with abnormal operation of the mold oil circuit cleaning machine

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1。 The cleaning power of the washing machine drops

In the face of this question, it is important to first consider whether the machine is suitable for its own clean area and clean power. The cleaning machines on the market today can be divided into two major categories: drive-type cleaners and push-type cleaners. Each type of machine will also have different types of dividends, and their operating power is also very different. Therefore, when selecting a machine, you must also consider factors in various aspects. There is also a look at whether the squeegee blade and the brush plate are worn out. If it is severe, the cleaning power will be greatly affected. But also depends on whether the stick is sticky. Assume that foreign matter will affect the squeegee and the closure degree on the ground. If the closing degree is poor, the water absorption effect will be affected. The residual sewage on the ground will greatly affect the cleaning effect.Mold oil cleaning machine

2, there is often water loss

Mold water circuit cleaning machine out of water is mainly divided into two kinds of conditions, one is that the washing machine water flow is small or no water flow out, the other is the status of the washing machine is in shutdown, but the washing machine is still more than the current situation.

Assuming that the first condition is encountered, we can examine each one by one in the following order。 First and foremost, we need to confess that there is water in the washing machine tank。 Followed by the shortcomings caused by the blockage of foreign bodies。 Assuming that the water flow caused by the clean water tank filter or clear water pipe being blocked is small, then we only need to clean the clean water tank filter and the clean water pipe。

Next, we need to identify the water valve and the solenoid valve is not lacking, if the water valve or solenoid valve is suspected to cause the water flow of the washing machine is small or no water out of doubt, then a timely replacement can be。

When the second situation occurs, that is, the machine is shut down and the water discharge valve is also in the off state, the washing machine is still in a state of continuous flow, and we only need to follow the following procedures one by one. Assuming that the electromagnetic valve is not contaminated by impurities, the clean water tank is filled, the water valve is opened to the maximum, the washing machine is started, and then the water pressure is used to flush the impurities in the electromagnetic valve. However, assuming that the water flow of the cleaning machine is caused by the fault of the solenoid valve, the solenoid valve can be replaced in time.

In the process of using the machine, it is inevitable that it will encounter an abnormal situation. This time does not need to be tense, and it is necessary to gradually investigate various factors, but when they encounter a problem that they cannot handle, they should not be disassembled at will. This question.

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