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How does the mould line cleaner work?

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How does the mould line cleaner work?

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Mold pipe cleaning machine cleans large area occasions, invents profit, and saves money; it is mostly used for washing equipment for hotels, park squares, factory workshops and other floor cleaning machines. Mold pipe cleaners, scrubbers, and mold pipe cleaners are among the most anticipated machines. They combine scrubbing and water absorption to provide agile cleaning operations with high efficiency. Mold pipe cleaning machine operation is simple, easy to maintain, the operation is very quiet, suitable for use in campus, hospitals, factories, supermarkets, research institutions and nursing homes and other occasions, and has a very complete cleaning effect.Mold pipe cleaning machine

Mold pipe cleaning machine is a high-tech, high-efficiency cleaning equipment, the most suitable cleaning area: cement, granite, marble, ceramics, slate and other hard ground and weak floor。 Mold pipe cleaning machine has high efficiency and better cleaning effect; it saves consumables, labor costs and time。 The utility model has the advantages of complete function and high performance, and is suitable for cleaning the surface of hard ground such as on the floor of the tile, on the ground of the stone, on the epoxy floor, on the ground of the silicon carbide and the like。

Mold pipe cleaning machine control panel to clean the ground, only the clear water and detergent into the clean water tank is not enough, we must also discharge it to the ground, at the moment the need to open the mold pipe cleaning machine water flow control switch Such clear water with detergent will be discharged along the clear water discharge pipe to the ground. When equipped with a disk brush or roller brush, the stain on the ground will be eliminated.

To perform any cleaning operation, we need to use water and write it through the water injection port to the inside of the mold pipe cleaning machine. This water will automatically flow into the clean water tank for use. At this moment, attention needs to be paid because the clean floor exists. For stains, we need to take part in cleaners in the clean water tank of the mold pipe cleaner. Here we would like to introduce you to Wavier Universal Cleaner. It will be satisfied with your requirements for cleaning the ground. Other pollution levels on the ground are not the same. The amount of detergent used is also different.

However, if the sewage on the ground is going to be done, don't worry, all the mold pipe cleaners are equipped with a suction squeegee at the back, although their shape is not the same, but the basic principle is the same, squeegee on the squeegee The water flow can be effectively blocked, and the suction hole provided above is connected to the water suction motor of the scrubber。 After the water pump of the mold pipe cleaner is started, the sewage on the ground can enter the recovery tank along the suction pipe。 。

Referring to the recovery tank, the knowledge on this surface can be large. As mentioned above, the mold pipe cleaning machine is equipped with a water-absorbing motor and is located near the recovery tank, and the sewage rich in detergent will attack after entering the recovery tank. The bubble, along with the continuous increase in these bubbles, will inevitably lead the reception to the suction motor and cause the suction motor to burn out. In order to prevent the situation from happening, it is necessary to participate in the defoamer in the recovery tank before performing the water-absorption operation. This will prevent damage to the mold-line cleaner motor.

The mold pipe cleaner is one of the most anticipated machines. It can wash the floor and absorb water in one, which can complete cleaning operations quickly and with high efficiency. Mold pipe cleaning Electro-mechanical bottle body is sensitive and convenient, operation is simple, easy to maintain, the operation is very quiet.

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