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Buy mold oil cleaning machine need to pay attention to what the problem

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Buy mold oil cleaning machine need to pay attention to what the problem

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1, to understand the need to clean the area since the cleaning needs

Today's automatic mold circuit cleaning machine can be divided into two main categories: hand-push mold oil cleaning machine and driving mold oil cleaning machine. The environment in which the hand-push mold oil circuit cleaning machine is used is usually a narrow environment or an environment in which the flow of people is extremely high. The main reason is that its operation is sensitive and its volume is relatively small. However, it faces large shopping malls, warehouses, stations, and airports. In an environment where the cleaning area is extremely large, the push type is obviously not applicable. At this time, it is necessary to select the driving type mold circuit cleaning machine.Mold oil cleaning machine

2, see the cleaning function of the mold oil cleaning machine

Nowadays, many businesses will provide services for free test machines. At this time, we need to pay attention to the role of machine cleaning in many aspects such as their degree of cleansing, time, and role, and see if it can be satisfied with their own cleaning needs.

3, depends on the working efficiency of the machine

The working efficiency of the mold circuit cleaning machine is usually calculated according to the hourly workload。 At this time, the customer needs to understand how much of their cleaning area is, and it must be ensured that the final selection machine can be self-requested。 End the cleaning mission within the time。

4, to understand the machine life is about how much

Although the lifetime of the machine is closely related to the customer's protection and maintenance in the later period, it must be informed to the merchant about the lifespan of the machine。 The longer the lifespan is, the better the indiscriminate use of the machine。 The machine uses the number of life。

5, after-sales service

After the sale, I dare not try that job. Everyone is very concerned about the issue. Because each sold product can not prevent some problems and questions that may arise in the later period, these questions have a need for after-sale. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of businesses. There is not a professional after-sales team, because this is a very major question. Having a good after-sales service will do a lot of questions for the later period, prevent a lot of unnecessary costs, reduce customer's time and artificial costs.

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