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How to choose a mold water washing machine

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How to choose a mold water washing machine

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The use of mold water washing machine is very extensive, and it can be seen in all occupations. Nowadays, there are many varieties in the market, so many customers choose to show it is very vast, and now Xiao Bian to inform you how to choose the mold water washing machine! Mold water cleaning machine

1, use the momentMold water cleaning machine

Each mold water circuit cleaning machine is capable of continuous use and can be selected according to the specific needs of customers. If the application time is more than 100 hours, it is necessary to select a professional machine type.

2, hot and cold water

Mold water cleaning machines can also be divided into hot and cold water depending on the situation. Usually, most of the market is cold-water type, and it can be used by writing water at room temperature; it can also use relatively clean groundwater; however, there are some business situations that need to be washed with hot water. At this time, special hot-water molds must be purchased. If the water road cleaning machine rashly uses hot water to write hot water, the internal parts containing the water pump will be damaged very quickly.


3, nozzle

Different types of nozzles can create different cleaning effects, depending on the actual application of the customer's own needs.

4, business

It is also very important in selecting businesses。 Because different businesses can provide different goods and services。 To select regular businesses, their products will be guaranteed in terms of quality。 In addition, when choosing a business, it is best to have their own professional after-sales team, which will reduce the cost of the later repairs and the time cost。

In the process of purchasing the mold water circuit cleaning machine, it is not possible to blindly conduct selections or the need for a person and a cloud to properly position themselves, and to select the proper mold water cleaning machine。

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